Break Bulk Cargo:

b1Often Break Bulk Cargo is shipped using equipment which can prove extremely expensive. With tenacious stevedoring partners located in key transport hubs around the world, Mega Fast Cargo LLC is often able to negotiate space on conventional vessels for break bulk, dramatically reducing cost whilst providing reliable cargo transport.

This kind of undertaking requires determination and commitment, as well as solid knowledge of specific ports and shipping lines. Often creative thinking can solve break bulk cargo shipping problem. Our competitors will often apply most obvious solution to difficult shipments whilst we will look for the most effective and logical solution.

b2Using the extensive network of vessel brokers and owners, MFC door to door chartering and flexible schedules makes us the perfect partner for all your part-charter ad full-charter requirements. With vessels of all sizes, from different lifting capabilities, to Ro / Ro, Bulk Container Carriers and Gearless Ships, MFC will manage everything from Export and Customs documentation to on-site supervision at port of discharge.




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