Exhibition Cargo:

e1We provide our customer with a personalized service when it comes to handling Exhibition Cargo, We offer all our clients:
• Door delivery & Pickup from and to Exhibition Hall/ Stand
• Temporary customs clearance (Exhibition & ATA Carnet)
• Transit storage
• Timely delivery
• Packing & Unpacking solution
• Fumigation
• Storage for cargoes arriving for various shows and special events
• Refund of all customs duty deposit payment upon re-export of exhibition cargo


e2We provide our customers with efficient solutions for Freight moving from UAE to various countries for Exhibition/ Repairs & Rental Basis.

We have a professional and experienced team handling all aspects of inbound and outbound Event/ Exhibition freight requirements.



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P.O Box: 238930, Bin Al Fahed Building, No. 3
Room 203, 2nd Floor
Industrial Area 1, Alqusais - Dubai, UAE

Tel:  +971 4 2890513
Fax: +971 4 2890514


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