Cylinder and Helium Dewars Distribution:


45Our company has a strong position and wealth of production and transportation assets in U.A.E. ensures that MFC provides tailored solution for industrial and commercial customers of all sizes and scope. Our goal is to help our customer achieve optimum rates for their product and services, and achieve market leadership through innovative products and impeccable customer service.

Gas Cylinder:
Ultra high purity gases or speciality gases(Standard mixed gases, chemical gases, Electronic gases) are distributed by cylinders under pressure. these have been constructed to withstand high pressue and meet the safety requirements as per the UAE standards.

All cylinders are identified by name(ie. color code and label) and tagged for ready identification and basic hazardous warning information .

Mega Fast Cargo LLC distribute – Industrial, Medical, Aviation, Laboratory Grade.

•    6Hydrogen- High Purity, Laboratory Grade.
•    Carbon Dioxide-Medical, Industrial & Food Grade.
•    Helium- Balloon Grade & High Purity.
•    Air- Breathing, Medical, Compressed, Zero Grade
•    Variety of Mixtures as per clients requirements:
The common mixture is (80%)Argon + (20%)CO2 Argon + N2; Argon + H2; Argon + He.; N2 + CO2


An illustration of a typical vacuum jacketed dewar. A dust cap over the outlet of the neck tube prevents atmospheric moisture from plugging the neck tube. This type of container is considered a non-pressurized container. The unit measure of capacity of the container is the liter. Five to two hundred liter containers are available. Product may be removed by pouring from the smaller containers. In case to transfer liquid product from dewars capacity 50 liters or more should be transferred by pressurization tube.

Mega Fast Cargo Team has embarked on a distribute industrial, medical health care and speciality gases and to provide with a distribution network aimed at providing environmentally clean and efficient solutions to industrial customers.

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